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Did You Know..?
Something you didn't hear while Lindy Ruff's Sabres battled the Dallas Stars in June, 1999....four members of the Ruff family left Warburg, Alta. to join the WHL's Broncos organization way back. Among them were Lindy and Randy, who were followed by Marty in the early 80s. Younger brother Brent joined the club when it moved to Swift Current under the direction of Graham James and was one of the four players killed in the team's unfortunate, infamous bus crash. (source: Canoe.)


Apparently, an old number that used to belong to the Anaphe Foundation is being abused now, as Laura tells us: "I wanted to send him a letter and when I called a number I got for the Sheldon Kennedy Foundation, I asked if there was an address I could get to send him a letter and all they said was, "just send cash". I'm hoping that the number I had is old and that they wouldn't be like that. I told him why I wanted the address and he said, "Well, we need money". The number I called was 403 265 3305."

Sheldon is now on the committee for the Speak Out Program through the CHA. The Anaphe/SK Foundation has been defunct for 3 years now and the people who have this phone number know that and are trying to rip people off by misusing the foundation's name. -- Dated 2003

Sheldon is currently residing on a ranch in Calgary with his daughter Ryan. He remains good friends with Jana. He had a book published through Insomniac Press in April, 2006, which he wrote, entitled "Why I Didn't Say Anything: The Sheldon Kennedy Story." and is currently studying for his drug Counciling degree. -- Dated May, 2006.

As of late 2006, Sheldon is into a new project, called Respect In Sport. You can view the website for this new project here, and he also has an official website, located here. I just wish that he'd post more than what's there -- one page. -- Dated July, 2007