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Introduction From The Webmistress

Welcome to my website about the one and only Sheldon Kennedy. Here, you will find well over 200 articles on him and his story as it was posted in the media. This site is a proud supporter of the Jessica Lunsford Act. As part of the Jessica Lunsford Team, I was honored to have a little part in helping to get the Jessica Lunsford Act passed in Florida. In light of that, and in part due to the official board getting taken down, I've offered up the site board to continue working on getting laws passed throughout the USA and Canada. If you would like to join us, then by all means, come and join us here.

Just to clear up any misconceptions right away, I'm not affiliated with Sheldon himself, nor do I have any way of contacting him for you.

I'm merely a fan who has been following his story from day one when he came forward, and wanted to help keep his story readily available for those who need it or might want to refer somebody to it to help them.

I take a lot of pride in running this website, and am continuously looking for ways to make it better. This site as a concept and reality will celebrate its milestone NINTH birthday this coming June, and we've seen a lot of things happen, growth being the big one. I appreciate the feedback I've gotten from everyone over the past eight years, and I look forward to making this site continue to grow, not only for Sheldon (I hope he uses it in his speeches as a reference for those who need more information and if not, I hope his speeches encourage you to look up more about him), but for you the reader as well.

Sheldon, keep being the inspiration you are and have been for eleven years now.

Thanks and best wishes!